Djako writes his music as one would write the script of a movie. His agility to play multiple musical instruments combined with a cinematographic approach to the music, somewhere between jazz and electro. The result: kaleidoscopic samples of audio stories, sometimes led by a phrasing in a Gainsbourg style and often swinging with cajoling ladies voices, with their deliciously old-fashioned charm.

« Opium-House »

Electro-jazz, Cinematic House & Hot-lounge, lyrics with a fragrance of Asia, dreams with a perfume of opium, erotic sessions in luxurious hotels, with vintage keyboards, deep and melodious bass lines, delicates electronic beats. With Opium House, Djako brings us to precious times, a place where women wearing soft evening dresses made transparent by the monsoon rain, run away from intensive loves, escaping in the cabs of Bombay, whereas the rejected lover fall down in opium dens, curing his spleen with the magic smoke.


Musician with multiples projects (from gypsy brass band to electro-acoustic and electro-jazz music), it is under his hat of a well known producer of original and qualitative house and lounge tracks (and often compiled in majors records in this style such as Hôtel Costes, Fashion House, Lounge Anthology, Cafe Solaire, …), that DJAKO introduces us his first solo Album.


Opium House cover Djako

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Label : Djako Records, Musik2Musik (Canada)

Digital Distribution : MusicJustMusic Gmbh