SilVeRVinCE strides along the streets of the Paris Golden Triangle with the indolent assurance of the one who grew up uptown. Great Gatsby of today, he walks his sideburns, top hat and frock coat into the Parisian night, as a tribute to a bygone era. With the taste of the French art of living as his only inheritance, this penniless nob combines elegance and decadence, sacrificing moral principles and the last family assets for the benefit of a life that he needs, but that he can no longer afford…

SilVeRVinCE’s music found its color in studio through the collaboration between Vincent DARGENT and Simon SAYS (Dialect Recordings). The fusion of electro / pop / rock elicited the interest of Les Editions Dargent and Dialect Recordings.

SilVeRVinCE’s tunes, juggling with styles to tell his dissolute life, find their roots in the groovy 70’s rock & roll (Rolling Stones, Bowie …) and the French sound from yesterday (Gainsbourg Jacno …) or today, with the “French Touch” electro.

If he does not hesitate to showcase himself, extravagantly as usual, SilVeRVinCE is even more willing to hire lascivious singers and dancers from famous cabaret for his electrifying set.


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Label : Dialect Recordings

Distribution : Discograph

Promotion : Ephelide (presse, radio, television) / Spöka (web)