Producer, songwriter & bassist extraordinaire, ZAF ZAPHA has compiled a wonderful collection of songs, that portrait the musical heritage of the African continent on “DALAKA” and South America on “YEMAYA“. On each album, ZAF ZAPHA brings together children from different countries with some of the most important master musicians, of the African diaspora on “DALAKA”, such as MEIWEY, FANTA DIABATÉ, DIELY MOUSSA KOUYATÉ, ELISABETH KONTOMANOU, and on “YEMAYA” SERGENT GARCIA, ERNESTO « TETO » OCAMPO ou VALERIE BELINGA from South America. The records are mixed & mastered by CESARIA EVORA’s producer STEPHANE CAISSON.

DALAKA, in the Griot language Malinké, means “Open the Door”. It is exactly that, what ZAF ZAPHA has achieved with his two wonderful albums : He opens the door for children & their parents to the wealth of African and latin music. His successful French books, published by French publisher RUE DES ECOLES, that accompanies the albums, has received rave reviews throughout the French territories.

Musician, composer, ZAF ZAPHA has been traveling through the whole world with renowned singers in the world music genre, such as SOUAD MASSI, SERGENT GARCIA, SALIF KEÏTA & many others. He has produced successful records & songs for most of the majors, as well as a grand community of independent artists.

DALAKA and YEMAYA are the first in collection of books portraying the world of music for children. The next projects will focus on the Arabic culture of music.

“We are all a mix of different cultural heritages. It is my goal to introduce children & their parents to the wealth of the music of different countries. That is why my production company is called TOUT S’METISSE – We all mix. Enjoy those records & think of our children, they are our future & need to understand the mix of cultures.”

Dalaka by Editions Dargent

Akadissa by Editions Dargent

Leon le cameleon by Editions Dargent

Yemaya by Editions Dargent

Senorita Luna by Editions Dargent


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Book Publisher : Rue des Enfants

Distribution : Dilisco

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